Feel free to copy and borrow ideas from our resources, we simply ask that you let us know if you found them helpful.

More resources are coming soon! Stay Tuned!


We use onshape to design and CAD all of our robots. We have created a document with links to all of features you need to know to start Onshape with your team.

  1. Onshape Fundamentals

Resources that are coming soon

  1. West Coast Chassis
    • CAD
    • Instructions
  2. Cascade 3 Stage Linear Slide
    • CAD
    • Instructions
  3. Bumpers Guide
    • CAD
    • Instructions


We are currently developing motion profile and pathfinder. This will be up soon. In the meantime if you have questions about the software development feel free to contact us. We’ve got our code for the all of our FRC seasons up on our GitHub right now!

  1. FRC 5962 Github
  2. PID control
  3. Sensor Control

More resources that are coming soon

  1. Talon SRX Motion Profile
  2. Pathfinder


We are currently designing a FRC electrical board that can be mounted anywhere on a robot, has easy access and clean wire management.

Coming soon

  1. Electrical Board
    • CAD
    • Instructions


Here are our latest award submissions.

  1. Chairman’s Submission
  2. Chairman’s Video
  3. Deans List
  4. Woodie Flowers

Business Plan

Every year we create a Business Plan to help plan our budget and fundraising. We create a SWOT analysis to help plan our fundraising goals. We use our previous years data to help create our upcoming seasons Business Plan.

  1. Business Plan 2019-2020

Team Manual

A team manual is a necessary guide for all team logistics for students and mentors

  1. Team Manual

Safety Manual

Since day one we have had a strong saftey program to make sure everyone on our team is safe. This includes a team safety manual, tool training and saftey quizzes.

  1. Safety Manual

Website Design

Our website was designed and developed by Kat Huang ‘19 and is maintained by the team. It uses Jekyll (static site generator), Github Pages (static site hosting), and Siteleaf (content management system). If you want to learn more on how to create your own custom codded and designed website feel free to contact us.